Q: Do I have to have my PCM/ECM tuned to use a standalone harness?

A: Yes.  All standalone LS and LT swaps will have to have the PCM/ECM tuned to remove VATS and all other non-used items that are programmed in from the factory.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.


Q: I have a 1997-1998 LS1 PCM, can BP Automotive build a harness for this PCM?

A: The 1997-1998 LS1 PCM is prone to failure and has become rare and expensive as a result.  Moreover, these PCMs have their own pinout and BP Automotive does not build harnesses to utilize the 1997-1998 PCM.  We recommend upgrading to the 1999-2000 09354896 or the 2001-2002 12200411 PCM.  These PCMs are far more common, and much more reliable.


Tuning FAQ

BP-Automotive specializes in standalone and compatibility tuning.  We can tune for engine modifications, such as cam shafts and other internal/external modifications.  However, all of our tuning is considered START UP ONLY!  BP Automotive HIGHLY RECOMMENDS A local street or Dyno tune so that your vehicle will run to its highest potential.  It is IMPOSSIBLE for a ‘Mail Order Tune’, to be tuned perfectly for your application.

Bp Automotive DOES NOT tuner-lock any PCM/ECM/TCM that we flash.  This is because we understand that a local tune will be required to make your vehicle run to its highest potential.  This is because once a PCM/ECM/TCM is tuner locked, Bp Automotive would be the only tuner that would be able to access that controller.



BP Automotive isn’t responsible for improper use of this calibration. This Calibration is a START UP TUNE ONLY! BP Automotive assumes NO responsibility for mis-use of this calibration.

BP Automotive calibrations are NOT EPA legal, and are intended for 1975 and older vehicles, OR Offroad use only!