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With decades of GM Fuel Injection experience, you can rely on BP Automotive to provide you with the highest quality fuel injection products possible. All of our products are hand built at our facility in Columbia, Kentucky. You can count on the attention to detail and the quality that “Made in the USA“ brings to mind when purchasing our products!

Our experience and attention to detail has enabled us to build standalone and direct fit GM fuel injection harnesses that are unsurpassed in quality and longevity. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products, which is 5 years or 100,000 miles-whichever comes first. This is as good or better than the warranty you will get with a brand-new vehicle! We achieve this confidence in our product by using the most up to date manufacturing methods and materials that are approved by the SAE and USCAR panels.

At the very foundation of our harnesses we utilize TXL (Cross-Linked Thin Wall) SAE J1128 wire. This is the very same wire used in factory automobile harnesses. When a splice is made for the harness, we utilize splices that are Sonically Welded together, just like a harness for a factory vehicle. This welds the copper core from all wires together to create one solid splice of copper. Then we cover the splice with OEM grade Aptiv (formerly Delphi) heat shrink, not just some aftermarket adhesive heat shrink. The heat shrink we use adds support and superior resistance to chemicals and weather.

When we assemble a harness, we utilize GM color codes for our harness. If the GM diagrams call for a Green/White stripe wire that is what we use-not just a dark green wire. Many of our competitors are only using solid color wire and advertising that they are using GM color codes, we use even striped wire here at BP Automotive! We also follow GM wire sizing specs from the diagrams as well, so there aren’t any under or over sized wires in our harnesses!

When it comes to terminating a connection in an automotive fuel injection harness there are many standards and considerations that you must take to ensure that you are truly building a harness to GM, SAE, or USCAR standards. At BP Automotive we utilize production crimp tooling, some of which we had special made to ensure that we can crimp terminals to these standards. After a crimp is made with the tooling we use it is checked with a special digital dial caliper to ensure it meets crimp height and width standards. The tolerances for these standards are as small as a .10 or .01 of a MM! You can have confidence that when you purchase a harness from BP Automotive that you won’t have bad connections from crimps made with the repair tooling that many of our competitors are using.

We use all original connectors, terminals, and seals when we build harnesses. These are components made by OEM suppliers like Aptiv (formerly Delphi), TE Connectivity, Kostal, and Molex. BP Automotive does not use knock off PRC (People’s Republic of China) made connectors, terminals, and seals that you see many harnesses made from that have recently surfaced on the market. We only use OEM connectors on our harnesses, we will never sacrifice quality to save a few pennies.

We cover all of our harnesses in OEM grade loom to ensure that the harness has the protection it needs to last and stand the test of time! With both of the looms that we use you can rest assured that not only is your harness protected, but that it also looks great! All circuits that are ran by a heat source, like the oxygen sensors are covered in a 1200-degree fiberglass braid that adds even more protection! Lastly, we install a high quality Aptiv grommet so that in the event you decide to mount the controller in the passenger compartment you can seal your firewall and have a clean, professional looking installation!

For the final stage of production, we test each harness with our computer harness tester to ensure that the harness doesn’t have any broken wires or mis wired connections. This ensures that when you get your harness it is perfect! You can purchase from BP Automotive with confidence knowing that when you get your harness it will work and will continue to work for years to come!