Q: Does your harness come with cooling fan relays or provisions for cooling fans?

A:  No.  Our stand alone harnesses do not include the cooling fan relays themselves.  However, all BP Automotive standalone harnesses come with two fan relay control wires.  These wires will go to your relays and the PCM/ECM will control the cooling fan relays according to temperature and AC Pressure.  Some PCM/ECM will have to have the fan temperatures and AC pressures tuned in.

If you purchased a direct fit harness from us for an F-Body or an S-10 all of the wiring will be included, and on the S-10 Harness fan relays will be included.

Q: How to I hook up fan relays to your harness?

A: On page 10 in the installation manual there is a diagram on how to wire in fan relays on our harness.  The fan relay control wire from our harness will go to terminal 85 on your fan relay.  We cannot wire this in over the phone, please refer to the diagram on page 10 of your instructions.  We have also provided this diagram below.